Some Facts About Prime Male Testosterone Booster

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Nov 062017

Testosterone is the most prevalent hormone in men. It is associated with strength and virility. From around the age of 30, a male body produces approximately 1% less testosterone every year. As men continue to grow older, their testosterone levels continue to decrease.

This leads to low energy levels, low sexual drive, weight gain, muscle loss and many others. The change in the aesthetics of a man body also brings about psychological issues such as depression. This is where Prime Male comes to the rescue.

Prime Male testosterone boosterSo what exactly is Prime Male? Prime Male is advertised as a dietary supplement that is made up of 100% natural ingredients that boost testosterone levels.

Its ingredients do not in themselves increase the level of testosterone. They create the optimal conditions for the body to produce its own testosterone by ensuring that all the components required for this are present.

Users must exercise some patience however. The natural ingredients mean that Prime Male is not as powerful as anabolic steroids or other high-intensity testosterone supplements.

It still guarantees visible benefits from 5 -10 days of use and an increase in testosterone levels of up to 42% in 12 days. As it is not as powerful as other steroids and supplements, it also means that the terrible side effects such as balding and shrunken testicles are kept at bay.

How Does Prime Male Actually Work?

Prime Male works in three different ways. The first is by creating the most optimal environment for the testes to produce testosterone. The cocktail of ingredients encourage the testes to work at an elevated level.

The second way is by preventing the testosterone from being bound to other proteins in the blood stream. When it does bind, the testosterone is rendered unusable reducing the actual testosterone levels in the body.

The final way is by reducing the rate by which the testosterone breaks down. It also reduces the rate by which testosterone is converted to estrogen and prolactin, which are hormones associated with women. They counter the effects of the testosterone

What Are The Actual Results Of Using Prime Male?

Several reviews, both from the product website and other review boards have hailed this booster a hit. The users praise Prime Male for:

· increasing their muscle mass

· decreasing their body fat

· increasing their energy levels

· a sharp rise in stamina

· better control of blood sugar

· lower rates of insulin resistance

· lower blood pressure

· better cardiovascular health

Prime Male Side Effects

As Prime Male is made from natural ingredients it does not actually add testosterone to your system. The only side effect would arise from allergies to the ingredients. Most of the ingredients are vitamins and naturally occurring minerals, which are not harmful to the users.

The only ingredient that would be of immediate concern would be the oyster extract which means that people with shellfish allergies cannot use Prime Male. Furthermore, the addition of ingredients like magnesium helps you “cycle off” Prime Male once you’re done.


How To Cycle Clenbuterol For The Best Results

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Apr 112017

Effects of Clenbuterol on man's body fat

Clenbuterol has been topping the fat burner charts recently. This is in part from the publicity it is getting from the magazines about the many celebrities who are using it to burn fat.

Originally, it was meant to be a bronchodilator for treating asthma along with other conditions. Generally, the tablet form is preferred over the liquid, and the usual dosage is 20mcg. However, 40mcg is now available as well.

It seems that more and more people are beginning to look to drugs like Clenbuterol, which happens to be used in the US to treat asthma in horses. What makes this work is that it has a side effect that builds muscle and results in weight loss.

The medication Clenbuterol works best in a pyramid scheme. Establishing a tolerance to the dosage is more important than slowly discontinuing the cycle. For first time users, 20 to 40 mcg per day is considered a good starting point and most people in general find 120 mcg to be sufficient.

Over the course of 3 to 4 weeks, Clenbuterol attributes such as nerve stimulation and fat burning slowly diminish unless combined with Ketotifen.

However, using Clenbuterol for long durations is not advised. A Clenbuterol cycle should last approximately 2 to 3 weeks before discontinuing its usage and repeating the process.

However, Clenbuterol is often combined with other fat burning products to achieve weight loss quickly.

For such purposes, Cytomel is usually taken in addition to Clenbuterol while overlapping and alternating the cycle by a period of 3 weeks, since there are some known side effects that accompany a dosage increase such as: raise in body temperature, blood pressure and in some instances jitters and insomnia.

However, most side effects experienced while taking this drug are known to diminish once the body becomes acclimated to the drug. Consulting with a doctor is highly recommended. Particularly, for those who have had previous cardio-vascular or high blood pressure issues.

Clenbutrol supplement that works wellClenbuterol actually causes your body to increase its production and secretion of catabolic hormones. These hormones come from the adrenal region. One of the things that they do is alter the characteristics of smooth muscle.

Some muscles become stimulated, while others become inhibited. The smooth muscles in the bronchial tree are among the ones that become inhibited, so this explains why it helps those with breathing problems.

The main contributor to weight loss is the fact that Clenbuterol increases thermogenesis. What this does is temporarily raise the blood pressure, stimulating the heart and thus raising the body temperature.

Another effect is that Clenbuterol reverses the effect of insulin, inhibiting its action. This results in a release of glycogen back into the blood stream as glucose, and an inability to keep and utilize more glycogen. Clenbuterol then increases the rate of protein and fat getting burned inside the body.

The combination of thermogenesis with more fat being burned will generally result in a higher metabolic rate. This means the person will burn more calories. Burning more calories results in the shedding of fat, this is the result that everyone desires.


What Makes Prime Male So Good?

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Feb 162017

Prime maleThere are many testosterone boosters on market.  The problem is that most of them really aren’t worth the container they come in.  Does that mean that all testosterone boosters are a bust?  No, you just have to know what you’re looking for.

What Is A Testosterone Booster?

A testosterone booster is a formulation of natural supplement ingredients that are purposely put together to work cohesively with the goal of making your body increase more of its own testosterone….naturally.

Why Would You Want To Boost Testosterone?

Testosterone has influence over many functions in the body.  It is probably most known as the sexual hormone because it’s the driving force in a man’s libido (sex drive).  Usually, when a man’s sex drive is low or non-existent the first thought is that he must be suffering from low testosterone, also known as Low-T.

Testosterone also has studied connections to weight gain and weight loss, muscle size and strength, immune system, maintaining red blood cell production, controlling blood sugar, regulating cholesterol, and helping dilate coronary arteries for better heart health – just to name a few.

As men get older, their testosterone levels begin to steadily drop over time.  The biggest drop occurs between the ages of 39 and 50.  If your testosterone level falls below the “normal” range, then you should consider ways to boost it up.

How Are Test Boosters Different Than Testosterone Replacement?

These are two very different approaches to raising low testosterone levels.

The idea behind testosterone replacement therapy is that you get medically prescribed injections of testosterone that is not your own. There is no doubt that most men who get testosterone injections absolutely show an increase in their testosterone levels.

The problem is that now you’ve tricked your body into thinking that it has enough testosterone and so it naturally stops producing testosterone.  Now you’ve got yourself in a situation where you need to continually take testosterone injections to maintain a healthy testosterone balance.  If you stop taking the injections, then you’re in a pickle, because now your body is producing less testosterone than it was when you started.  So, if you start testosterone injection therapy, then you should plan on taking it for a long time if you want healthy testosterone levels.

There’s also many who feel there are some pretty risky side effects with testosterone replacement therapy.  The two most prominent risks that are talked about are increased heart attacks and strokes.  However, to be fair, this hasn’t been completely proven yet.

Natural testosterone boosters are just – they’re natural.  There’s no outside testosterone being injected into your body.  A test booster is a combination of powerful supplements that have been studied and proven to help your body produce more of its own natural testosterone.

Prime Male – Top Testosterone Booster

What makes Prime Male the best testosterone booster on the market right now?

First of all, it contains a combination of the best ingredients that have medical science backing them up to show their powerful testosterone boosting capabilities.  All of their ingredients are proven and known to help boost testosterone levels measurably.

Second, they use the highest quality ingredients.  They use the higher quality and more expensive citrate form of their ingredients because they are better and are more absorbed by the body.

Finally, they offer meaningful dosages in their ingredients.  It does no good to have great ingredients if they are under dosed.  Under dosing is a way for companies to tout great ingredients without spending the money to make the dosages high enough to be effective.  It’s a marketing trick.

Do yourself a favor, if you’re suffering from Low-T, then give Prime Male a try.


Boost Testosterone With High Intensity Interval Training

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Feb 122017

boost testosterone with HIIT


I’ll be honest, the first time I heard the phrase “high intensity interval training”,  I automatically had visions of having to spend hours of time sweating and killing myself working out, and so I promptly rejected this idea.  Maybe some of you are thinking the same thing.

Let me help put your mind at ease and shed some light on this seemingly offensive phrase.

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Definition:  a testosterone boosting and fat burning exercise strategy that involves alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with short recovery periods.  A HIIT work out should last anywhere between 8 minutes and 22 minutes, and you only do them 3-4 times per week.

You do specific, intense, testosterone boosting and fat burning movements or exercises anywhere from 20 seconds to 1 minute.  Then you rest – usually from 20 seconds to 1 minute, and then repeat the pattern for a designated number of sets.  The time for specific exercises and resting as well as the number of sets are all based on the specific program you’re following, your current state of physical shape, etc.

Not bad, right?  Who doesn’t have between 8-22 minutes a day a few days a week?  Even I was able to get onboard with this now!

HIIT Benefits

Okay, you’ve got the 8-22 minutes, but you still may be wondering why HIIT is beneficial to you.

In a nutshell, these are the FACTS on why HIIT is beneficial to you:

  • You will boost your testosterone levels like crazy
  • You will burn at least 450% more body fat vs. regular cardio in a much shorter amount of time
  • You will stimulate your body’s own production of human growth hormone levels (HGH)
  • You will lose fat weight and gain lean muscle mass
  • You will increase your metabolism like never before
  • You will slow the aging process

Guys, no matter how you slice it, those are some amazing life giving and life changing benefits!  Then take it a step further and look at all the sub-benefits under each one of those bullets, and the list becomes HUGE!

What About Countless Hours Doing Cardio?

Here’s the thing, the old advice of doing long, hard, chronic cardio (treadmill, Stairmaster, elliptical, etc.) is dead now.

In fact, as more research comes out, we’re finding out that the old cardio way can actually be UNHEALTHY and literally bad for you.

FACTS about the old cardio way:

  • Decreases testosterone levels
  • Increases cortisol production
  • Weakens the immune system
  • Stunts gains in lean body mass
  • Stunts strength gains
  • Decreases T3 hormone (fat burning hormone) production
  • Damages your heart, joint, and back
  • Makes your entire body age faster
  • Causes oxidative damage and a flood of free radicals to the body
  • Causes your body to actually store fat rather than burn it off
  • Causes you to age faster
  • Causes you to gain weight over the long term vs. lose weight

Natural Testosterone Boosters

In addition to implementing a HIIT strategy to your workout routine, you might also want to think about adding a natural testosterone booster supplement to your diet.  It’s one of the easiest things you can do to help keep your testosterone levels healthy.  If you’re looking for the best testosterone supplements, then you need to do a little research.

One of the best resources available for info on ingredients, prices, dosages, and best boosters would be