Nov 062017

Testosterone is the most prevalent hormone in men. It is associated with strength and virility. From around the age of 30, a male body produces approximately 1% less testosterone every year. As men continue to grow older, their testosterone levels continue to decrease.

This leads to low energy levels, low sexual drive, weight gain, muscle loss and many others. The change in the aesthetics of a man body also brings about psychological issues such as depression. This is where Prime Male comes to the rescue.

Prime Male testosterone boosterSo what exactly is Prime Male? Prime Male is advertised as a dietary supplement that is made up of 100% natural ingredients that boost testosterone levels.

Its ingredients do not in themselves increase the level of testosterone. They create the optimal conditions for the body to produce its own testosterone by ensuring that all the components required for this are present.

Users must exercise some patience however. The natural ingredients mean that Prime Male is not as powerful as anabolic steroids or other high-intensity testosterone supplements.

It still guarantees visible benefits from 5 -10 days of use and an increase in testosterone levels of up to 42% in 12 days. As it is not as powerful as other steroids and supplements, it also means that the terrible side effects such as balding and shrunken testicles are kept at bay.

How Does Prime Male Actually Work?

Prime Male works in three different ways. The first is by creating the most optimal environment for the testes to produce testosterone. The cocktail of ingredients encourage the testes to work at an elevated level.

The second way is by preventing the testosterone from being bound to other proteins in the blood stream. When it does bind, the testosterone is rendered unusable reducing the actual testosterone levels in the body.

The final way is by reducing the rate by which the testosterone breaks down. It also reduces the rate by which testosterone is converted to estrogen and prolactin, which are hormones associated with women. They counter the effects of the testosterone

What Are The Actual Results Of Using Prime Male?

Several reviews, both from the product website and other review boards have hailed this booster a hit. The users praise Prime Male for:

· increasing their muscle mass

· decreasing their body fat

· increasing their energy levels

· a sharp rise in stamina

· better control of blood sugar

· lower rates of insulin resistance

· lower blood pressure

· better cardiovascular health

Prime Male Side Effects

As Prime Male is made from natural ingredients it does not actually add testosterone to your system. The only side effect would arise from allergies to the ingredients. Most of the ingredients are vitamins and naturally occurring minerals, which are not harmful to the users.

The only ingredient that would be of immediate concern would be the oyster extract which means that people with shellfish allergies cannot use Prime Male. Furthermore, the addition of ingredients like magnesium helps you “cycle off” Prime Male once you’re done.


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