Classic Holiday Cultures Some Are Retro Cool And Others Plain Ugly

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Nov 202017

Holiday Traditions Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Traditions are fundamental, especially when it comes to holidays. One of the most affected holidays is, for instance, the Christmas holiday. Hosting some traditions some unique to families has brought us to an undeniable dilemma. Many are left wondering are these cultures, most referred to as retro ugly or beautiful. To answer this, however, we have to understand just what traditions may be seen as retro and how do we relate to them.

Funky Christmas traditions

The favorite holiday has been associated with some traditions all meant to mark the special day. Having different implications for families, people have come to modify their traditions. However, from a long time ago, some traditions have been held to mark the holiday. It’s important also to point out the history of Christmas and how there are different interpretations and beliefs such as:

1. The Christmas tree:

Setting up and decoration of Christmas trees. This has been a traditional and time resistant tradition that most engage in up to today.

2. The Snowman:

The snowman has for a long time also much like the Christmas tree be a landmark for a holiday. People would make a snowman just outside their houses taking advantage of the winter season all over.

3. Presents:

From far back, generations have used this season to pass gifts to family and friends. This became so prominent breeding the sibling holiday just the day
after named boxing day

4. Christmas carols:

Over the years, people to spread joyful cheer sang Christmas carols meant to set the Christmas mood and spread the Christmas spirit. This is a scene observed up to today.

5. Eggnog, boar head table:

It is worthy to note that in the so-called retro days, a Boar head feasted upon alongside mutton stew and eggnog had been a standard feature. This has however faded over the last few decades and replaced by the holiday ham.

Traditional Mutton Stew

Beautiful or Ugly?
The question of whether these traditions were beautiful or ugly is entirely an answer based on opinion. It is, however, a valid point to note that these traditions have evolved. Christmas beautiful lights now decorate trees and the boar head on the table is less frequent. These changes as much as good or bad constitute our evolution into more happy holidays. Based on the understanding that these activities happen to bring the family together, they are most definitely worthy endeavors. It is therefore in my opinion that these retro events are beautiful. Anything that brings the family together in joy ought to qualify as a beautiful thing.